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Poor little Monster man (aka Mr. Squiggles) took a digger down the stairs today and broke his leg in 2 places. :( His cast/splint is bigger than he is! We'll be taking him to our regular vet on Monday and see if he needs surgury. This should be an interesting few weeks. We had just made an appointment for the boys to get neutered on the 19th. Guess Monster gets a reprieve.

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But here is a happier photo from just the other day:
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So Saturday we drove 4 hours expecting to pick up our puppy. The breeder pulled a dirty trick and brought out the little brother as well. She talked about how they were the only two of the litter who survived and they obviously had the bond that puppy brothers do. What a bargain she had for us if we got both of them! Haha, ok it's not her fault she definitely wasn't pressuring us, we had enough guilt of taking the puppy from his mom, let alone his only sibling. So we took them both.

Isabelle is not happy. She's terrified of the little ones as well. It's going to take a long time for her to get comfortable with them. I just hope she hurries up and asserts herself as queen bee before they get any bigger. We'll see what happens. Mickey is just hanging out in the bedroom sleeping. She's not eager to come hang out with everyone. At least there has been no vomiting or inappropriate pee. :)

Patrick and I are not allowed to shop for fuzzy things together ever again!

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