Jan. 2nd, 2013

2012 Review

Jan. 2nd, 2013 12:41 pm
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I was going back through the pictures on my phone and realized that this was a pretty awesome year. Therefore, I shall post a recap here.

* Cavalia! - In 2012 I decided to get back to my roots and do more horse related things. The first step was to go to this beautiful and amazing show that came through town. I loved it. It was magical and gorgeous. My favorite parts were many but one that really stands out was the aerialist couple dance while on horseback. It was lovely.

* I quit troupe Adderstone! - Holy smokes that was a difficult decision but I'm still glad I did it. Nothing about dancing was making me happy anymore and after all the stupid drama with D&S, I just couldn't take it. I am no longer taking dance classes. However, that doesn't mean I quit dancing. I performed with my girls at Dante's several times this year doing tribal. I also worked with Juliet to create a special Halloween piece and then ended up getting recruited into doing a holiday show with Sibyl and Juliet. It was Kidnap the Sandy Claws. How could I say no? Plus my costume turned out to be freaking adorable: http://www.flickr.com/photos/subactive/8281913570/in/photostream

* I volunteered at a Horse Rescue! - In March, I convinced Patrick to volunteer with me at a horse rescue. We had a pretty good time, I fell in love with a horse, that horse got adopted and I was sad, we spent more horsey time, and all was good until August. On August day we had time off and went to the stable and that was the day all hell broke loose. The found was stealing from the charity and not using money how she said, not keeping accurate records, and on and on and on. Some people decided to try and keep the rescuse running anyway and we offered to help out more. They asked if we wanted to be on the board of directors and so we applied and had a long ass meeting with them, where they finally revealed a huge amount of debt that we would be personally responsible for as members. Well that killed it for us and it was a good thing because they decided to fold. The one lady is starting something new but it's not a rescue and I'm feeling pretty burnt on the whole thing anyway so I don't really have any plans to get involved there. Overall, this was a very disappointing experience but I think it was beneficial to get a small glimpse into what goes into running a charitable organization.

* We went to Wyoming! - Patrick and I went to Wyoming for the scattering of my Grandma's ashes. We had a nice time and every time I go back there I start imagining living there. It's pretty stupid considering there are zero job options in that town. We spent time in the mountains and I got to hang out with Tanya and meet my Great Nephew. Are you kidding me, I am a great aunt now.

* We went to Colorado! - Patrick and I spent a week in Colorado Springs to visit his sister and her family. We originally were planning to go to the Star Wars convention in Florida but there was a huge fire and Mary's family had to be evacuated and it was crazy. So I think it reminded PJ that he should spend time with the family he actually associates with because time is short and you never know what can happen. That was fun. I had a hard time with the altitude and it was an adjustment spending that much time with children. We also went to a Bronco's pre-season game and that was a blast.

* We finished another 31 Days of Halloween photo project! - Whew. I don't know how I feel about this one. I feel like my ideas are drying up. Which makes me wonder why I am considering doing a 365 photo project... but I am - maybe starting on my birthday.

* Isabelle made it through another year. Sadly she has had some new problems crop up. After we came home from CO and picked her up from the vet she was just a huge ball of snot. Totally congested and flinging snot around like crazy. After many visits to the vet and the allergy vet, we ended up at a specialist. I ended up spending the most amount of money possible to get her tests done and in the end they knew nothing. So that was annoying, but they did get her on some anti-biotics that finally helped. She is still sneezing and a little snotty but nowhere near as bad as it was. We'll see how she does as time goes on. She will be 15 in April!

* Ichabod had a couple more seizures this year. We haven't gone back to the vet because we know they can't do anything but put him on meds and we don't think he has them frequently enough to warrant putting him on meds he will have to take for the rest of his life. We'll keep an eye on that too. Other than that, him and Monster are happy and healthy. Crazy as always.

I think that's all I can come up with for now! Happy 2013!


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